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Unlock the benefits of your biology, beyond the bleed, with our smart and simple elearning series. 

Why Menstrual Health Matters

The 5th Vital Sign

by Fiona Catchpowle | Introduction

Period Power in a Podcast

My Menstrual Health Self-care series is a combination of 12 mini podcasts (each less than 5 mins) and 17 one page info-graphics, available via my digital learning platform. Essential information in bite-size pieces. Suitable for all devices. Listen, learn and take action.

Beyond the Bleed

The focus of menstrual health is often the 7 days of bleeding. But what about the other 21 ish days of the cycle? The hormones associated with periods are incredibly powerful, every single day, and need to be considered in terms of physical and psychological health too.

Menstrual Health Matters

Tuning into your cycle is a huge benefit to overall health. Learn about the food & movement that makes all the difference.You deserve to know how to live a life pain-free and full of energy, simply by knowing your cycle better than anyone else. Learn how to support your mind and body, the days you bleed, and beyond.

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A little bit about me …

Fiona Catchpowle

Menstrual Health Evangelist

I am passionate about teaching everyone the essentials of menstrual health, beyond the bleed. How can you be expected to know what choices to make about all things menstrual, if you are not taught about it in the first place?