A little bit about me …

Fiona Catchpowle

Menstrual Health Evangelist

I am passionate about teaching everyone the essentials of menstrual health, beyond the bleed. How can you be expected to know what choices to make about all things menstrual, if you are not taught about it in the first place?


My aim is to develop the fastest most effective way for everyone to learn about Menstrual Health. And fun too, I’m all about fun when you’re learning! 

The undeniable lack of knowledge on the topic of menstrual health, beyond the bleed, is having a huge detrimental effect on our long term well-being simply  because we,  ‘don’t know, what we don’t know’. 

Hormones are vital to support our entire physical and mental health. If you’re a human who was born with ovaries and a womb, then your awesome mechanics add an extra dynamic that creates a few extra challenges, but once mastered you open the door to a whole new you. However, if you know what the hacks are, then happy days. If not it could be a rocky road.

The fixes are so unbelievably straight forward you will wonder why no-one thought to mention them before now.

The resources available on Talking Periods are simple and effective. These micro-learning experiences will place you in a very strong position to make informed choices about menstrual health well-being.

I look forward to seeing you in class some time soon.