Menstrual Health Made Easy

What Will You Learn?

  • How to unlock the benefits of your biology, to live pain-free and full of energy.
  • Why the hormones involved in menstrual health, are health.
  • Discover the connection between menstrual health & mental health.
  • How reducing stress can reduce PMS, and why.
  • How to support your mind and body the days you bleed, and beyond.
  • What is 'normal' when it comes to periods?

Course Content

Why don’t we talk about periods?
How to talk about periods with a lifetime filter.

  • How do we talk about periods?

The 5th Vital Sign
The menstrual cycle is a complex mix of hormone changes, physical and mental shifts, that reflects a person’s overall health status.

The Menstrual Health Mosaic
Each and every menstrual cycle is different for the individual and when compared to another individual.

The invisible magic
The uterus is amazing at a cellular level

What is happening in physical terms?
A menstrual cycle may not be the same length every cycle

Hormone health
The big sister of menstrual health

Sex Hormones
The role of estradiol

The different cycle phases
Across the cycle there are 2 phases. Follicular and luteal.

Phase 2 of the cycle
Progesterone enters the story

Mental Health v Menstrual Health
In menstrual health terms when cortisol is high then reproductive hormones don’t work as well.

Signs, symptoms and side effects
There are challenges associated with the menstrual cycle as a whole.

Menstrual Maths and Perimenopause
The reproductive years with a lifetime filter in terms of numbers.

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