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Audio transcript:

In previous episodes I flipped the switch from why don’t we talk about periods to how do we talk about periods.
The way you and I are going to talk about them is primarily in terms of overall health and how the changing levels of hormones each day as part of menstrual health impact your entire physiology. It’s simple biological commonsense. 

It’s all about you. So therefore it has to be relevant and meaningful to you. Each and every menstrual cycle is different for the individual and when compared to another individual.

I discovered menstrual mapping way too late in my lifetime during perimenopause, but what I learnt and began to understand about my hormone health as a result changed my life, and is now one of the drivers behind this series and the work I do.

How is your Menstrual map going and which method have you chosen. I know it probably feels a bit abstract right now, but keep journaling and recording and all will be revealed soon.

Start to annotate mood each day, or a score for the day.

It could be a symbol, emoji, or a number. The aim of the daily score is to get a deeper sense of you and how you feel.  On the inside and the outside.

How was your day today on a scale of 1 to 5?
How many marks out of 5 would you give your food and movement choices? 

And of course the day in your cycle or the week. To start with you may not know so give an approximate indication and gradually you’ll be able to join the dots.

Warning: This is not about weight management. Some of you may want to adjust how you record the way you track if this could be a trigger.

The benefits of doing all this will enable you to spot the big patterns, and just like in a mosaic when you look really closely you can see the smaller patterns too.

A generalised example of what you are listening for is –

One weekend you may have some take away food and feel fine. Had some wine, done some partying

The next weekend you do exactly the same thing, but end up feeling meh..

Where are you in the cycle?

One fitness session you are breaking records the next you are not

Where are you in the cycle?

I’ll be telling you more about the role of each hormone in the series which will help you built your Menstrual Health vocabulary.

How are you talking about periods since you started listening?

Have you tried out menstruators and co-menstruator since I mention it in the first episode?

By the way I confess I did not invent that idea, you need to look up a great Tedtalk by Cordelia Röders-Arnold called Unfuck Menstruation

The link is in the lesson notes.

I absolutely loved the idea of how we can enable a confident conversation around menstrual health by including everyone in the conversation around

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