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The length of your cycle is defined as “the number of days between the first day of menstrual bleeding of one cycle to the onset of menses of the next cycle”.

Day 1 proper bleed (not spotting) to Day 1 of the next proper bleed.

Across the cycle there are 2 phases. Follicular and luteal.

The follicular phase (1st half of cycle) is the part of the cycle that will most likely vary in length from month to month, and person to person. On average it is 14 days.

From point of ovulation the luteal phase (2nd half of cycle) will be approximately 14 days and rarely changes.

There is a huge intervariability in hormone levels from cycle to cycle, and person to person. The normal range of estradiol for example is 30-300 pg/ml in menstruating females.

As a point of reference in males, normal estradiol levels are 10 to 50 pg/ml.

The level of estradiol in non menstruating females post menopause is 0-30 pg/ml – save that for another episode!

Some mapping methods call the 4 parts seasons, which kind of makes sense, but for now we will just go with 1-4

Phase 1 – follicular phase

Part 1 –progesterone just left the building and oestrogen is low and about to rise. As you progress through this part around 3-7 days you can feel more tired than on average (remember that’s average levels that relate to you) because this is the bleed week.

And whilst this is going on in the uterus, deep in the brain the cycle is already starting again and the ovaries start to join the new party.

Part 2 –Bleeding has stopped and you are starting to feel energised, creative and heading for ovulation. Progesterone is still on holiday.

Oestrogen levels are rising toward their peak. The surge is as a result of something I call the eggs factor competition happening in the ovaries. You have 15-20 eggs that get selected from a few thousand to be in the competition for top egg. You may also feel a tad perky in the bedroom, It’s an evolutionary thing, if you catch my drift.

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