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Audio transcript:

Phase 2 – Luteal phase

Part 3 – The main event just happened. The top egg was selected and pushed out centre stage. The space left behind (known as the corpus luteum) now gets filled by let’s say the record company aka Progesterone. Yes progesterone finally makes an appearance in the 2nd half of the cycle.

Only if you have ovulated though. Without ovulation no ovarian progesterone is made, because it only originates from the space called the corpus luteum I just mentioned.

So, no top egg, no need to make that song number one and no record company – make sense

This may happen a couple of times a year naturally, and you wouldn’t ordinarily notice because you may still bleed, but it will be a different kind of bleed.

If a pregnancy (or not) is one of your objectives we can add temperature measuring to your mapping tool kit because body temp rises slightly at the point of ovulation.

Part 4 – Progesterone has been making a noise for a few days to get that record to number one and now starts to tail off. Oestrogen has a small 2nd surge and also starts to tail off.

This is the premenstrual phase – sound familiar? Pre menstrual syndrome – PMS.

In the menstrual cycle Progesterone controls endometrial lining thickness, it’s involved in pregnancy, skin elasticity, bone strength, respiration, nerve tissue, anti-inflammatory, the immune response, insulin signalling, and brain function.

Progesterone is also a crucial metabolic intermediate in the production of other endogenous steroids, including the sex hormones and the corticosteroids.

During the 4 week cycle you will have times when your mental resilience tool box is full to the brim and other times not so. Your strengths may occur when your oestrogen is high and your vulnerabilities when you oestrogen is low. As the progesterone intertwines that adds yet another dynamic.

The two giveaways into how your hormone levels are intertwined are your energy levels and your emotions – we could call them menstrual moments. Mindfulness & Journaling are great tools to help you spot these menstrual moments.

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