For Parents, Carers & Mentors

Learn to Talk ‘Period’

A mini-masterclass, for those looking to inspire a positive approach to periods

Relevant & Meaningful, Fast & Easy, Straight-talking Information

Why don’t we talk about periods?

Menstrual Health Matters

by Fiona Catchpowle | Introduction

Who will benefit from this mini-masterclass?

Parents, Carers & Mentors looking to build a positive experience around menstrual health. Too many menstruators are reaching adulthood with little or no knowledge on menstrual health, with a lifetime filter. Fixing the health education gap is not hard. We just need to have more people enabled to create period-positive conversations. Who better to be equipped with the knowledge, than those raising and mentoring those that bleed, and those who don’t?

Why take this mini-masterclass?

  • To be able to speak with confidence about periods and the days beyond the bleed.
  • And create a supportive environment around menstrual health

There are just a few pieces of the puzzle missing in the current narrative. It really isn’t difficult to get your ducks in a row, and be in a much stronger position to support any menstruator you know.

What does the mini-masterclass include?

I will guide you through the topic of menstrual health, with a lifetime filter, using 4 key areas.

  • The Biology –  the basic anatomy and physiology
  • The Mechanics – how to manage periods and the bit beyond the bleed.
  • The Mindset – putting the process and its challenges into context
  • The Bigger Picture – menstrual health with a lifetime filter.

With the foundation knowledge under your belt, talking ‘period’ will be like second nature.

When is it taking place?

2x 60 minute LIVE sessions, with Q&A, at 7pm on 29th November and 1st December 2022 (replays available)

BONUS #1 – pre-recorded videos that cover the basics (available to access from 25th November giving you 4 days to get ahead of the game)

BONUS #2 – access to a 12 part audio series called Menstrual Health Made Easy

BONUS #3 – join an exclusive community group to support you further after the event

Once you have registered as a student of the mini-masterclass you will be redirected to your own student dashboard. You will be sent a link for the x2 live events. If you have any questions before booking a place please email


A little bit about me …

Fiona Catchpowle

Menstrual Health Evangelist

I am passionate about teaching everyone the essentials of menstrual health, beyond the bleed. How can you be expected to know what choices to make about all things menstrual, if you are not taught about it in the first place?