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Menstrual Health First Aid

The pathway to period power.

Beyond the Bleed

Why does Menstruation matter?

by Fiona Catchpowle | Introduction

About this course

For the best menstrual health learning experience, we recommend starting with this streamlined series.
Most of us find out about menstrual health by accident, but Menstrual Health First Aid allows us to do it on purpose, with a purpose.
Whether you are finding menstrual health a challenge or wish to take steps to learn about it, this series will enable you to make informed choices, simply and effectively. Helping you to learn to listen and trust in what your body is telling you.

Even if you are a dedicated to your career and family, with limited time, I have designed this learning experience to be smart, fast and high quality.
And through it all I am here to help.

Together we will:

  • Unpack the mystery of menstruation
  • Share tools and the process to improve menstrual health
  • Unlock the benfits of your biology
  • Change the face of menstrual health awareness worldwide!

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Passionate about empowering people who menstruate with relevant & meaningful knowledge, from which they can make informed choices.